Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Zu is mad as hells, and you'r not going to take it anymore.

Objectives Edit

  • Subdue two kobold roundsmen, then defeat the kobold overseer that appears.
  • Report to 789th Order Dustman Bo Zu.

Journal Edit

Bo Zu is boiling with anger at the kobolds of the 639th Order, who take perverse pride and pleasure in browbeating the 789th despite their similar position at the arse end of the kobold hierarchy. To serve them their just deserts, venture to Iron Lake and deliver a good thrashing to two of their rank and file to attract the attention of their overseer, upon whom you may then visit a similar fate.

The overseer has been taught the true meaning of pain, giving the 689th a valuable lesson about getting too big for one's breeches. Return to the 789th Order Dig and assure Bo Zu that the bullies have paid the price for their false pride.

His oppressors having been given their just dues, Bo Zu breathes a sigh of relief and extols your virtues as a capable adventurer. For better or for worse, the dustman will not hesitate to seek your aid the next time he suffers at the hands of his betters...

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