Astral fire

Astral Fire is a Thaumaturge effect gained by casting Fire spells, or when Transpose consumes one or more stacks of Umbral Ice. The effect lasts 10 seconds and can be refreshed.

Astral Fire increases the damage and MP cost of Fire spells (FireFire IIFire III) and halts MP regeneration.

Astral Fire also decreases the damage and MP cost of Ice spells (BlizzardBlizzard IIBlizzard III), but casting one will remove the effect.

Astral Fire III (3 stacks of Astral Fire) reduces the cast time of Ice spells by 50%.

Fire spells generally do significantly more damage than Ice spells, but consume MP very quickly. Astral Fire should be replaced with Umbral Ice to refill MP when needed.

Umbral IceEdit

Astral Fire and Umbral Ice are mutually exclusive.

Fire and Fire II will apply Astral Fire only if the Umbral Ice effect is not active when the cast is completed. Otherwise it will remove Umbral Ice instead.

Fire III removes all stacks of Umbral Ice and applies a full stack of Astral Fire.

Umbral Ice III (3 stacks of Umbral Ice) reduces the cast time of Fire spells by 50%.


Transpose instantly converts all stacks of Astral Fire or Umbral Ice into a single stack of the other. This ability costs no MP but has a 12 second recast.

Magick and MendEdit

Magick and Mend is a trait gained at level 20 which, among other things, allows Astral Fire and Umbral Ice to obtain a second stack. Magick and Mend II is gained at level 40 and allows Astral Fire and Umbral Ice to obtain a third stack.

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