Description Edit

Bo Gu has promises to keep, but a gouty knee or two keeps him from them. Surely an aching joint can be salved with a little joint venture, if you would care to speak to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Use smoldering coal to light the brazier and defeat the voidsent. Slay the hot grenade that appears and acquire its arm.
  • Deliver the hot grenade arm to 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Report to 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu.

Summary Edit

You have spoken with the acolyte, and heard slightly more than you could bear. But an adventurer must go where there is a need, and the mad bombcrafter needs you to take the coal to the brazier at the Iron Lake. The bonfire will draw warm grenades, then light their slaughter. When the hot grenade appears, slay it and lop off its arm. You have acquired the arm of a hot grenade. By the lurid light of the fire are many strange deeds done. Take the unpleasant package to Ba Go at the 789th Order Dig.

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