Description Edit

Nothing ever goes smoothly at the 789th Order dig, and Craftsman Bo Gu knows exactly whom you have to kill to keep it that way.

Objectives Edit

  • Use the bang toss on target points at Iron Lake, then dispatch at lease three 271st Order watchmen. 0/3
  • Report to 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu.

Journal Edit

Watchmen of the 271st Order are due at the 789th Oder dig for an inspection, a mission Bo Gu feels is fundamentally incompatible with the dig's dedication to sloth and slapdashery. Derail the inspection using a bang toss at three locations at the Iron Lake, then dispatch the watchmen so that they never inspect so much as a nailhead again.

You have relieved a sufficient number of watchmen from their duties and successfully prevented significant improvements to the dig's productivity and safety. Report the happy news to 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu.

The shiftless craftsman is delighted by the outcome, and plans to resort to murder for the next inspection as well. Accept it as high praise of your effectiveness, and know that you have served a client well today.

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