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Amalj'aa Daily Quests are Beast Tribe Quests for the Amalj'aa. Players can find the Amalj'aa quest-givers at Ring of Ash, Southern Thanalan (x23,y14). To unlock the Amalj'aa daily quests, player must complete the level 43 quest Peace for Thanalan. Players can start the quest by talking to Swift in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (x8,y8).


Level 43 Edit

Otained from Fibubb Gah (Rewards 5 reputation points)

Quest NameDescription
A Sappy Ending Collect five items on the ground around Zan'Rak.
A Shell to Scry On Kill a few Iron Tortoises and Fire Sprites. Pretty quick and painless, with plenty of spawns.
Arms of the U Kill one enemy and collect a number of items on the ground around Zan'Rak.
Blitzing the Beacons Kill three Bonfire Torches around Zan'Rak. Each is also defended by 1-2 mobs.
Borderline Slaughter Kill four total tempered Amalj'aa across two types.
Fighting Firesand With Fire Ride an Inferno Drake around and breath fire on 3 firesand piles..
Losing One's Tempered Beat on a few tempered enemies and use a key item on them. Note: Don't worry about accidentally killing them, they'll just sit at 1 HP and not actually go die.
Luring Lacovie Kill three Bronze Tortoise mobs, then the special mob Lacovie that spawns after. Note: Lacovie sometimes doesn't like spawning, try dismissing your Chocobo if you have one out and kill another turtle; seems to fix it.
Ravage the Ravagers Defeat a few monsters for keys, then use the keys to open a few cages to free Miqo'te inside.
Smothering Instinct Put out 5 torches with a key item.

Level 46 Edit

Obtained from Narujj Boh (Rewards 7 reputation points)

Quest NameDescription
Beacon Keepers Use smothering ash to extinguish Amalj'aa beacons, and defeat any Flamefangs that appear. The last beacon smothered always spawns the flamefang, so get one away from other aggro.
Before They are Tempered Ambush Flamefang Ravagers at the designated locations and obtain three cage keys. Open the cages.
Forged in Flame Obtain flame-sanctified weapons from heavy arms crates in the vicinity of the Zanr'ak encampment and altar.
Hard to Port Speak to the troubled trader to the east of Little Ala Mhigo. Recover three boxes of crystals in Zan'rak. Defeat the Amalj'aa porter, and recover the large box of crystals. Deliver the crystals to the trader.
Singed Fur Their Own Good Speak with the drake whisperer and mount the cavalry drake. Ride the cavalry drake into the Sagolii Desert and use its Fiery Breath at the three designated locations.
Thinning the Ranks Slay 3 Zanr'ak Lancers and 3 Amalj'aa Archers.
This Infernal Heat Destroy two infernal beacons.

Level 48 Edit

Obtained from Yadovv Gah (Rewards 10 reputation points)

Quest NameDescription
Demolition Drake Speak with the drake whisperer and mount the cavalry drake. Ride the cavalry drake into Zahar'ak and use its Fiery Breath to destroy Amalj'aa caches.
Fodder for the Flamefangs Lie in wait for three Zahar'ak guards. Free three captives from their cages.
Hatchling Humiliation Lie in wait for Zahar'ak hatchlings and douse them in water upon their defeat.
Pulling Fangs Deliver the Flamefang Choker obtained in the FATE Quenching the Flame.
Raiding the Cache Steal tempered arms from Zahar'ak.
The Beacon that Burns You Destroy two Ifrit Beacons.
Unholier than Thou Slay 3 Zahar'ak thamaturges and three Zahar'ak pugilists.


  • Special Dyes - unlocked at Recognized reputation (rank 2), additional dyes are unlocked at Friendly reputation (rank 3).

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