Momodi wants to see you off to the banquet.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil319 IconXP6440




  • The banquet is soon to begin. Put on the Voice of the Just and make for the Royal Promenade where Bartholomew awaits.
  • At the banquet, Raubahn recounts the deeds of the half-remembered heroes whom Eorzeans now call the Warriors of Light. The tale triggers inside your mind a vision of the final moments of the Battle of Carteneau. When you subsequently come to your senses, you are surprised to find yourself in a room at the Hourglass, with no idea how you got there. Betraying a mixture of relief and glee, Momodi explains that you collapsed, and mentions that the general would like to see you. Make your way to the Hall of Flames and seek an audience with him.
  • The Flame General declares that there is work to be done─and that he would have you do it. Speak to him again when you are ready to begin.

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