Level 30-39 Main Scenario Quests A Realm Awoken
Quest Level NPC Location Reward Optional Reward
Influencing Inquisitors40CidCoerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim (Whitebrim Front)(13,15)IconXP22540 Mythril cuirass icon1 Woolen shirt icon1 Linen bliaud icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(6)
By the Lights of Ishgard40AlphinaudCoerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim (Whitebrim Front)(12,16)IconXP22540 Mythril sabatons icon1 Peisteskin crakows icon1 Boarskin duckbills icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(6)
Blood for Blood40AlphinaudCoerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim (Whitebrim Front)(12,16)IconXP22540 Mythril celata icon1 Woolen turban icon1 Woolen coif icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(6)
The Heretic among Us40DrillemontCoerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim (Whitebrim Front)(12,17)IconXP22540
In Pursuit of the Past41AlphinaudCoerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim (Whitebrim Front)(12,16)IconXP23000
Into the Eye of the Storm41CidNew Gridania - Carline Canopy (Airship Landing (Gridania))(11,14)IconXP23000
All Due Precautions41LamberteintEastern Thanalan - Drybone (Camp Drybone)(12,23)IconXP23000
Sealed with Science41LamberteintEastern Thanalan - Drybone (Camp Drybone)(12,23)IconXP23000
With the Utmost Care41HahasakoEastern Thanalan - Wellwick Wood (Highbridge)(21,21)IconXP23000 Mega-potion icon1(3) Hi-ether icon1(3)
A Promising Prospect41LamberteintEastern Thanalan - Drybone (Camp Drybone)(12,23)IconXP23000
It's Probably Not Pirates42CeanaWestern La Noscea - Skull Valley (Aleport)(27,26)IconXP23460 Peisteskin harness icon1 Woolen robe icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Representing the Representative42CeanaWestern La Noscea - Skull Valley (Aleport)(27,26)IconXP23460
The Reluctant Researcher42CeanaWestern La Noscea - Skull Valley (Aleport)(27,26)IconXP23460 Peisteskin subligar icon1 Woolen tights icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Sweet Somethings42DavydWestern La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra (16,30)IconXP23460
History Repeating42DavydWestern La Noscea - The Isles of Umbra (16,30)IconXP23460
The Curious Case of Giggity43CeanaWestern La Noscea - Skull Valley (Aleport)(27,26)IconXP23920
Of Sylphs and Spriggans43KomuxioEast Shroud - Nine Ivies (Little Solace)(21,25)IconXP23920
Crazy Enough to Work43MaerwynnEast Shroud - The Bramble Patch (Sanctum of the Twelve)(18,16)IconXP23920
Better Late than Never43HedynOld Gridania (8,8)IconXP23920 High mythril plate belt icon1 Boarskin belt icon1 Red coral ring icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Lady of the Vortex44CidNew Gridania - Carline Canopy (Airship Landing (Gridania))(11,14)IconXP24380
Reinforced mythril elmo icon1 Rangers hat icon1 Woolen cavaliers hat icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Reclamation44AlphinaudUl'dah - Steps of Nald (Airship Landing (Ul'dah))(10,11)IconXP24380 High mythril gauntlets icon1 Woolen bracers icon1 Woolen dress shoes icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Casing the Castrum44Y'shtolaThe Waking Sands(6,5)IconXP24380
Eyes on the Empire44PortelaineCoerthas Central Highlands - Dragonhead (First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena)(24,28)IconXP24380
Footprints in the Snow44PierremonsCoerthas Central Highlands- Boulder Downs (The Aurum Vale)(14,35)IconXP24380
Monumental Hopes44WedgeCoerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs(7,28)IconXP24380 High mythril flanchard icon1 Woolen trousers icon1 Woolen gaskins icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1
Notorious Biggs44WedgeCoerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs(13,30)IconXP24380
Come-Into-My-Castrum44Cid - Boulder Downs(7,28)IconXP24380
Getting Even with Garlemald44GlaumuntMor Dhona - Fogfens (Revenant's Toll)(22,7)IconXP24380
Drowning Out the Voices46CidMor Dhona (22,8)IconXP25850 Cobalt shamshir icon1 Peisteskin cesti icon1 Buccaneers bardiche icon1 Cobalt trident icon1 Allagan gold piece icon1(2)
Acting the Part46GlaumuntMor Dhona - Fogfens (Revenant's Toll)(22,7) IconXP25850
Imperial saluteImperial Salute emote
Yew longbow icon1 Jade crook icon1 Water brand icon1 Book of electrum icon1 Mythril pugiones icon1
Dressed for Conquest46Sark MalarkMor Dhona - Fogfens (Revenant's Toll)(22,7)IconXP25850 Mended imperial pot helm icon1 Mended imperial short robe icon1
Fool Me Twice46GlaumuntMor Dhona - Fogfens (Revenant's Toll)(22,7)IconXP25850
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek46CidMor Dhona - Fogfens (Cid's Workshop)(6,6)IconXP25850
Escape from Castrum Centri46CidMor Dhona - Fogfens (Cid's Workshop)(6,6)IconXP25850
The Black Wolf's Ultimatum46MinfiliaUl'dah - Steps of Nald (Airship Landing (Ul'dah))(10,11)IconXP25850
Operation Archon49MinfiliaThe Waking Sands (The Solar)(6,6)IconXP28420
Cobalt cuirass icon1 Raptorskin jacket icon1 Felt bliaud icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(8)
A Hero in Need49Allied Communications OfficerWestern Thanalan - The Footfalls(12,11)IconXP28420
The Ladle in the Darkness49Cracked FistNorthern Thanalan - Bluefog (Camp Bluefog)(x22,y29)IconXP28420 Padded woolen trousers icon1 Felt kecks icon1 Felt gaskins icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(8)
All upon the Watchtowers49Cracked FistNorthern Thanalan - Bluefog (Camp Bluefog)(x22,y29)IconXP28420 Cobalt plate belt icon1 Raptorskin voyagers belt icon1 Felt sash icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(5)
Hearts on Fire49EdelsteinNorthern Thanalan - Bluefog (Ceruleum Processing Plant)(20,22)IconXP28420 Amber ring icon1 Rubellite ring icon1 Black pearl ring icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(6)
Setting the Stage49EdelsteinNorthern Thanalan - Bluefog (Ceruleum Processing Plant)(20,22)IconXP28420 Cobalt celata icon1 Felt cavaliers hat icon1 Eft steak icon1 Allagan silver piece icon1(6)
Rock the Castrum50RaubahnNorthern Thanalan - Raubahn's Push(15,16)IconXP4800
The Ultimate Weapon50RaubahnNorthern Thanalan - Raubahn's Push(15,16)IconXP4800
IconGil9082 Armor identification key icon1