Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu would have a taste of luxury, if only for a day.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Speak with 13th Order Achemist Ga Zi.
  • Examine a dingy pot and sly the 13th Order patrolman that appears.
  • Open the dingy pot and retrieve a goldpot key.
  • Examine a 13th order goldpot and slay the U'Ghamaro guardian that appears.
  • Unlock a 13th Order goldpot and retrieve its contents.
  • Deliver the writhing thing to 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu.

Journal Edit

The indomitable Bo Bu expresses his envy for the 13th Order—not for their wealth or prestige so much as for the sumptuous feasts afforded them by their fugleman Zo Ga. Bo Bu has no intention fo betraying his friends at the dig, but he would slake his curiosity regarding the delicacies in which his more accomplished peers delight. Pay a visit to the most approachable member of Zo Ga's order—the alchemist Ga Zi—to see what might be done.

Harboring no great affection for Zo Ga's overbearing ways, Ga Zi willingly reveals the location of the food stores, as well as the means by which to acquire one of the necessary keys. As a growing young kobold's stomach hangs in the balance, delve into U'Ghamaro and locate one of the keyholder pots, slaying any patrolman fool enough to interfere.

The expired patrolman probably wishes he had stayed in bed this morning. Pay his sacrifice little heed and pop the top off the nondescript pot to retrieve a key.

With goldpot key in your possession, you—and Bo Bu—are now one step closer to epicurean ecstasy. Make for any of the 13th Order's goldpots and examine it, dispatching its would-be guardian that you might safely extract the contents.

The guardian defeated, nothing stands between you and the 13th Order's greatest culinary creations. Unlock one of the pots and see what all the fuss is about.

Upon opening the goldpot, you find a similarly colored wriggling worm. Though it appears distinctly unappetizing to you, you recall the old Lominsian saying, "There's no accounting for the taste of half-wits." Bring the unfortunate writhing creature back to Bo Bu.

Bo Bu devours the writhing mass with delight, savoring every worm and wiggle—a sight that you very much wish you could unsee. As Bo Bu swears revenge against Zo Ga for abusing the food supply, go on your way with the hope that the young dustman's stomach will remain sated for the foreseeable future.

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