Lothaire, a guard at Galvanth's Spire, wants you to visit the Hedgetree.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil6160 IconXP200 Bronze Gauntlets
Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves
Hard Leather Lightmitts
Allagan Bronze Piece x3



  • Accept the quest from Lothaire at Galvanth's Spire.
  • Go south to the Hedgetree and speak with Leonnie.
  • Go north and slightly east to The Mirror Planks and complete the quest by speaking with Armelle.


  • Lothaire has asked that you remind Hearer Leonnie that she has booked passage on a vessel at the Mirror Planks. Head to the Hedgetree to the southwest and speak with the conjurer.
  • Hearer Leonnie must remain at the Hedgetree to commune with the elementals. Inform Armelle at the Mirror Planks of the delay to the conjurer's plans.
  • You convey Hearer Leonnie's message to Armelle, who resigns herself to booking the conjurer passage on a later vessel. The only issue remaining is to decide how much later...

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